Insurance Bad Faith

Peoria Attorneys Who Handle Bad Faith Claims

Bad faith claims against insurance companies concern their refusal to pay claims that are legitimate or that clearly exist.  An insurance company can commit bad faith in the following ways, among others:

  • Offering to pay a claim well below its legitimate value
  • Refusing to properly investigate claims
  • Denying a claim that is clearly legitimate and compensable
  • Refusing to pay a claim on a timely basis
  • Terminating an insurance policy without reason

If an insurance company has wrongfully refused to pay a valid claim on your auto insurance policy, you should not try to take on such corporations on your own. They are highly trained to handle a claim adverse to your interests as an injured person.

At Hall, Rustom & Fritz, we’re not afraid or intimated by insurance companies and their teams of lawyers. Our personal injury lawyers in Peoria know how to get clients desired results. We know how to successfully argue a case for clients dealing with an uncooperative insurance company.

Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers Who Work For You

The insurance industry was created to spread the risk of financial loss amongst the public, particularly, as it relates to motor vehicle accidents, to those who drive.  So when you pay your insurance premiums, you expect to be properly compensated for injuries and loss of income related to your injuries.

Every case deserves an determined advocate and fair compensation.  When you contact us, that’s exactly how we will treat you. Schedule a free case evaluation with us today and discover what Hall, Rustom & Fritz can do for you.