Dealing with Insurance Companies

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Don’t Allow Insurance Companies to Push You Around

Victims of injuries often times attempt to resolve matters with insurance adjusters before seeking legal assistance from an experienced attorney.  There is one thing that clients must understand:  Insurance companies are not interested in representing you and are not on your side.  If you’ve been injured in a serious car accident or slip and fall, insurance companies are trained to reduce the value of your case.

Have you been the victim of a serious injury in a car crash caused by the carelessness of another driver?  Have you been concerned about who will pay your medical bills, who will be responsible for the damage to your vehicle and what happens if you can’t get the insurance company to pay what you rightfully deserve?

When accidents happen, even when the other driver clearly caused the accident, insurance companies are often reluctant to compensate people for the true cost of their accident. Insurance companies may want to only pay for some of your car repairs. They may try to delay paying you for medical care or physical rehabilitation.  And convincing insurance companies to compensate people for lost income due to an auto accident can often be very hard.

Aggressive Attorneys Who Fight Back With Insurance Companies

At Hall, Rustom & Fritz, our attorneys negotiate with insurance companies on a regular basis.  If the insurance company denies payment of rightful compensation, our attorneys utilize tactics to resolve cases in our clients’ favor.  Insurance companies do not intimidate us, and the threat of a lawsuit or trial often times gets them to adhere to our demands. We are committed attorneys devoted to represent our individual clients as well as representing the cause as a whole.  As active members of the American Association for Justice and the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association – associations that advocate for the injured against insurance companies and the defense bar – we pride ourselves in taking a stance against big business and the insurance industry.

Insurance Bad Faith Claims

If an insurance company has wrongfully refused to pay a valid claim on your auto insurance policy, you should not try to take on such corporations on your own. They are highly trained to handle a claim adverse to your interests as an injured person.

Uninsured or Underinsured Driver Accidents

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car accident, you realize that these legal limits often do not even cover medical bills, much less compensation you properly for your pain and suffering.  Just because someone doesn’t have enough insurance doesn’t mean you should have to suffer financially.  If you also have can insurance coverage with underinsured or uninsured policies, your own auto insurance policy can cover you for the difference.  These policies are very particular, and need to be adhered to very carefully.

Serving clients throughout Central Illinois, the law firm of Hall, Rustom & Fritz can make sure your insurance company holds up their end of the insurance agreement and provides coverage for legitimate claims. We make sure your interests come first, not the bottom line of insurance companies.

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