Texting Accidents in Peoria

driver distracted by text messaging

Serious car accident injuries demand a serious attorney

Texting while driving causes thousands of auto accidents each year. That’s why 39 states have laws prohibiting all texting while driving. In Illinois, laws exist banning texting while driving for all school bus drivers and all new, young drivers. School bus drivers also are not permitted to use cell phones at any time.

Even though certain drivers can legally text while driving, an accident is an accident. And if someone’s reckless behavior resulted in damage to your car or serious personal injuries, you have rights. That’s why you need an aggressive, Peoria texting accident lawyer on your side. You need Hall, Rustom & Fritz.

How our texting accident lawyers in Central Illinois can help

Serving clients throughout Illinois, attorneys at Hall, Rustom & Fritz have years of experience helping texting accident victims get their lives back on track.

Laws change constantly, especially as our technology continues to make dramatic advances. We stay informed and know exactly what’s legal or against the law in Illinois and across the country. We use this knowledge to build the best case possible with one goal in mind: to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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