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At Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC, our attorneys are Peoria natives helping clients dealing with the effects of divorce. Part of our practice involves representing area residents in child custody matters. Our focus is on protecting their rights while looking out for the best interests of their children.

Mike Fritz and the attorneys at Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC do not limit their practice to sitting behind their respective desks. Cases are not passed on to lesser-experienced associates or paralegals. The legal team members at our firm are high-profile and active lawyers seen throughout area courtrooms.

Illinois Visitation and Parenting Plan Attorney

Legal custody of a child gives the custodial parent the right to make or be involved in major decisions involving health care, education and religion. Joint legal custody requires both parents to have a say. Disagreements go to mediation. Sole legal custody gives one parent the authority to make those decisions.

Physical custody is defined as where the child lives. Similar to legal custody, physical custody can also be shared. Sole physical custody provides visitation rights to the other parent based on a schedule negotiation between parents and attorneys.

Peoria Child Custody Attorney

Unless endangerment to the child, such as drug use or any type of abuse, is a factor, both parents have the right to quality time with their children. While some fathers or mothers use parenting time as a tool to reduce or increase support payments, we encourage our clients to attend to the needs of their children. Securing a court-enforced child custody arrangement promotes better relationships between ex-spouses and protects the best interests of their children.

As with any other aspect of a divorce, enforcement becomes an issue when one parent is not complying with the agreement. Other cases involve a parent wanting to relocate to another state. In those cases, we move quickly to assert the rights of our clients and promote the best outcome.

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