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parenting fighting over child support moneyChild support agreements should address not only the needs of children, but also the issues related to their future. Like any other issue related to money, tensions rise and spouses find themselves at odds. At Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC, we aggressively represent our clients while focusing on the best interests of their children, from infant to young adult.

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Peoria Child Support Attorney Addressing Short- and Long-Term Needs

Mike Fritz brings experience in all aspects of divorce law. Like his counterparts at Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC, he is a fixture in family law courts as opposed to handling legal matters behind a desk. He possesses a thorough knowledge of child support laws that govern both short-term and long-term financial needs.

In Illinois, child support is determined by a strict formula that factors net income and the number of children supported. For example, one child requires 20 percent of net income paid as child support. Six or more children mandate 50 percent. The final agreement will specify a dollar amount, not a percentage. When incomes change substantially, modifications may be necessary.

The formula also assumes that the parent with primary physical custody of the children receives support. In “50-50” situations, the higher-earning spouse may still pay child support, but less than what is set in the formula.

Section 602 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act specifies that the standard in all child support decisions is the best interest of the children. Section 513 of the act comes in to play when money needs to be set aside for college expenses. Helping to pay for a child’s post-secondary education at a community college or private or state university is an important part of a child support agreement. There are also times when one parent may no longer be able to afford their child support payments, and we can help with that as well.

Illinois Child Support Enforcement Attorney

Getting spouses to come to a child support agreement is a challenge. However, additional obstacles exist when one spouse refuses to pay. In those cases, we provide follow-up advocacy in enforcing child support orders in area courts.

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