Improper Traffic Lane Usage

Common Illinois Traffic Violations

Improper Traffic Lane Usage (625 ILCS 5/11-709)

If a police officer accuses you of improper lane usage in the state of Illinois, you may need legal representation.  Improper Lane Usage is a petty offense, punishable up to a $1000 fine in addition to Court Supervision for up to 24 months.

Improper Lane Usage and Auto Accidents

A ticket for Improper Lane Usage often arises from a traffic accident.  Some police departments take the position that if an accident occurs, at least one party to that accident is going to be ticketed for it.  This means that a police officer often makes a determination as to who is at fault immediately at the scene of the accident.  If you are involved in a traffic accident and a police officer tickets you for Improper Lane Usage, that can have serious consequences for your driver’s license and your insurance.

Improper Lane Usage and DUI Enforcement

In addition to Improper Lane Usage tickets being used to assign blame for traffic accidents, police officers will use this violation as a way to pull people over, even when there was no threat of an accident occurring.  Usually, this happens as a result of a DUI enforcement patrol.  Police are trained to view “weaving” (either within a lane or between lanes) as an indicator of alcohol impairment.  While the Improper Lane Usage ticket in these cases may not be able to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by the State’s Attorney if the lane changes were not unsafe, the DUI that results may still be valid, and you will need an attorney to review your case.  If you are ticketed for Improper Lane Usage for what the police tell you was “weaving”, but do not get charged with DUI, you will want an attorney to challenge the Improper Lane Usage ticket.

To avoid being ticketed for improper lane usage, always check the lanes around you, both directly and in your rearview and side mirrors.  Also, always use your turn signal before changing lanes of travel and obey all signs that prohibit passing and other lane changes.  However, if you are ticketed for improper lane usage, contact the lawyers at Hall Rustom for a consultation on your case.

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If you are ticketed for Improper Lane Usage, it is strongly recommended you contact an experienced traffic attorney to represent you. Attorney Jeff Hall is a former chief traffic prosecutor in Central Illinois and he can assist you. We’re here to help you in your time of need.  Contact us today and schedule a free case evaluation.  You will receive experienced, hard-working, no-nonsense, affordable Peoria area TRAFFIC lawyers for your case.