Landlord/Tenant/Evictions in Peoria

A signed rental agreement is only as effective as both parties’ willingness to adhere to it. The attorneys at Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC are all Peoria natives dedicated to helping area landlords involved in heated disputes with their tenants. Many contentious issues can be resolved. However, we do not shy away from eviction proceedings if it serves the best interests of our clients.

Illinois Landlord Eviction Attorney

Evicting a residential or commercial tenant is more complicated than providing a notice. Landlords need legal advocacy to protect their rights and even the odds they face. Laws favor tenants in the process. Rent going unpaid over several months impacts the bottom line of residential and commercial property owners.

Attorneys Fadi Rustom and Mike Fritz are dedicated to asserting and protecting the rights of residential and commercial landlords involved in eviction proceedings. Contact us at 309-699-4691 or toll free at 877-699-4691.

Peoria Landlord/Tenant Attorney

At Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC, we enjoy a client base that includes Illinois property owners and landlords overseeing multiple buildings, some with up to 300 units. In many cases, we do multiple, simultaneous evictions on a month-to-month basis. Multiple proceedings take away from the day-to-day operations of an apartment building or multi-unit residence.

Many building owners cannot afford their own in-house counsel, so we provide volume-based representation on multiple evictions at volume-based rates.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced real estate lawyer regarding a residential or commercial tenant eviction, please contact us at 309-699-4691 or toll free at 877-699-4691.