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Opening a new business is the dream of every entrepreneur. The chance to achieve a longtime professional objective requires legal help to make turn that goal into a reality. The attorneys at Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC are native Peoria residents committed to area business and the community at large. We attend to every detail involved in the establishment of an operation.

Illinois Business Planning and Formation Attorney

A challenging job market often finds hardworking individuals unable to secure new employment for a lengthy amount of time. For some enterprising individuals, the opportunity to open a business is a combination of pragmatism and an entrepreneurial spirit. Selecting and moving forward in establishing an entity requires personalized advocacy with the help of a seasoned business attorney.

If you need help with a business formation, contact us at 309-699-4691 or toll free at 877-699-4691.

Help Starting a Business From Peoria Business Organization Attorneys

You need the right entity that best suits your business operations. Fadi Rustom and the team of attorneys at Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC will spend time with you during your initial consultation. We get to know you and the business scenario you have in mind. From there, we identify the ideal entity and move forward in establishing an LLC or corporation, including Sub S or C Corp.

Ongoing business issues require the attention of an attorney after you are up and running. From business documents and contracts to dispute resolution with customers and employees, we remain at your side, serving as your de facto corporate counsel.

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