Commercial Litigation

Illinois Bank Attorneys

Secured lenders in central Illinois need sophisticated bank attorneys to maximize their recovery while limiting the cost it takes to liquidate the collateral.  Our financial services attorneys have years of experience in assisting secured lenders in numerous such transactions successfully. Complex Commercial Workouts Secured lenders often require commercial workouts for their substandard loans to prepare...


Handled by Attorneys Fadi Rustom and Mike Fritz.
A signed rental agreement is only as effective as both parties' willingness to adhere to it. The attorneys at Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC are all Peoria natives dedicated to helping area landlords involved in heated disputes with their tenants. Many contentious issues can be resolved. However, we do not shy away from eviction proceedings if it serves the best interests of our clients.

Business and Commercial Law

Handled by Attorney Fadi Rustom.
Businesses both small and large have both immediate and long-term legal needs. From entity selection for startups to established companies seeking sources of capital to facilitate growth, the corporate law attorneys at Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC provide sound legal advice and dedicated representation for business issues that involve:

Criminal Record Expungements

Handled by Attorneys Jeffrey Hall and Christopher Leasor.
Every day, job applicants are denied employment due to past criminal history.  Even college graduates that were accepted to universities, graduated with honors, and possessed great recommendations are denied employment after a criminal background is performed by the employer.  Further, the most common myth about your criminal record is that your record will automatically “go away” after time.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  Once you are arrested and “booked,” you have a record.  This is so even if your case was dismissed, or if you received court supervision or even if you were acquitted of the crime.

Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Benefit

Handled by Attorney Fadi Rustom.
Our process can help simplify the application process by reducing the time, stress and the unknown. Due to the complexity of the application process, we can assist you with figuring out what documents and information should be submitted.  Our experience shows the value of assistance by a VA Accredited Attorney.

Estate Planning

Handled by Attorney Fadi Rustom.
Estate planning is a vital proactive step in providing an ongoing "voice" following your death. You can make important decisions regarding how your property is divided and the family members who receive real estate and other assets. Your course of care does not have to be in question if you are incapacitated. A legal document essentially becomes your "law" that must be followed.

Real Estate Law

Handled by Attorneys Fadi Rustom and Mike Fritz.
With declining real estate values, many residential and commercial property owners are taking cost-saving steps in selling their property without the help of a real estate agent. At Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC, we combine experience and a thorough knowledge of real estate law in navigating through the complex procedures and drafting all necessary documents.