18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

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18-wheeler trucks are among the largest vehicles on the road. And when these large, semi trucks collide into another vehicle, the consequences can be catastrophic. The sheer weight and size of large commercial trucks put passenger cars at a distinct disadvantage. And while many truckers are trained, safe drivers, car-truck accidents occur at an alarming rate. In 2010, accidents involving large trucks injured 20,000 people and killed 529 others, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Victims often sustain serious injuries. We can help

If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck, 18-wheeler or car accident, contact the personal injury law firm of Hall, Rustom & Fritz today. A skilled Central Illinois truck accident attorney at our firm can meet with you for free to discuss your accident.

Compared to passenger cars, large commercial trucks are often limited in their ability to brake, accelerate and see what’s around them. The ability of cars and trucks to safely share our increasingly crowded roads is a growing challenge. When a big rig truck is involved in an accident, the consequences are often catastrophic. Jack-knives, rollovers, fuel fires and braking malfunction can result in serious injury or death for anyone in the vicinity. If a loved one died in a trucking accident, you may have grounds for a legitimate wrongful death case.

The experienced Central Illinois truck accident lawyers at Hall, Rustom & Fritz know how to uncover what really happened in an accident. Our thorough investigation forms the foundation for winning just and fair compensation for injured parties and their loved ones. That’s why we’ve been able to secure so many multi-million-dollar verdicts for clients. Results matter at Hall, Rustom & Fritz.

How a big rig accident lawyer in Central Illinois can help

Don’t wait for your insurance company to dictate what happens to you. Take action. If you need an Illinois attorney to pursue financial damages related to a trucking accident (18 wheeler or big rig) in or around Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin, Morton, Washington, Dunlap, Bloomington, Lincoln, Springfield, Galesburg, or elsewhere in Illinois, contact us today or call (877) 699-4691.

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