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You can get the best outcome for your legal problem. We’ll fight hard to make sure that happens. Hall, Rustom & Fritz offers legal expertise in several law practice areas. Let’s get started.

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Business & Commercial Law

We advise entrepreneurs on business formation, including corporations (Sub S and C Corp) and LLCs. Our hands-on, in-depth process includes serving not only as their corporate counsel, but also as their registered agent. Our attorneys help with contract and document preparation — corporate records, annual reports and meeting minutes.

Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law

Your life can be full of stress and heart ache when you’re having  relationship trouble. Family problems and conflicts between couples can lead to very unpleasant situations. It’s even worse when children are involved. Emotions are at a high pitch.  Bitter feelings, indignation, angry words, yelling and crying — it’s so easy to say or do something you...

Criminal Law & Arrests

ILLINOIS CRIMINAL DEFENSE – LAWYERS WHO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS Being arrested is a stressful, scary experience.  For most people, it is a new experience that terrifies them.  You are usually handcuffed, put into a patrol car, and taken to jail.  You make the embarrassing call to a family member, friend, or loved one to have...

Criminal Record Expungements

2014 EXPUNGEMENT/SEALING LAW UPDATE: The Illinois General Legislative Assembly (GLA) has extended the powers of the Expungement/Sealing law allowing citizens to expunge/seal their records for more felony convictions. The current law allows for only 3 felony convictions to be eligible for expungement/sealing (Prostitution, Possession of Cannabis and/or with the intent to deliver, and Possession of...


During a life-changing event, you need representation to address immediate and future needs. Child support, spousal maintenance and child custody agreements are commonplace in divorce proceedings. Long-term issues often involve college expenses, a form of child support for a high school graduate over 18. The attorneys at Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC are here to provide our legal advice on all aspects of your divorce or child custody matters.

Driver’s License Reinstatements

Reinstating your driving privileges in Illinois: What You Need To Know   By Jeffrey R. Hall of Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC In Illinois, whenever you receive a conviction for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, your Illinois driving privileges will be revoked. It is revoked indefinitely unless you formally request reinstatement from the Formal...


ILLINOIS DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL – LAWYERS WHO PROTECT YOUR INTERESTS Driving under the influence of alcohol in Illinois is a serious offense.  Prosecutors statewide take these cases very seriously and it is imperative that you have professional representation knowledgable in DUI law to assist you through the entire process. At Hall, Rustom...

Estate Planning

We handle all aspects of estate planning for our clients with the goal of avoiding probate court. From the initial consultation, we identify your specific needs and goals related to money and real estate. Our attorneys attend to every detail to give you and your family members peace of mind.


FAQ:  My Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) was revoked due to a prior felony or domestic conviction.  Did I lose my 2nd Amendment Right to possess a firearm forever? Short answer:  Not necessarily.  And we can help you. FOR AN IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS, READ ATTORNEY JEFF HALL’S BLOG ARTICLE ON FIREARM OWNER’S IDENTIFICATION (FOID) CARD REHABILITATIONS...

Orders of Protection

Personal Injury

Clients suffering injuries due to car or truck accidents or slip-and-fall mishaps meet with the attorney who will handle all aspects of their personal injury claim. We aggressively fight to maximize compensation that they are entitled to under the law. That includes short-term and long-term compensation for pain and suffering and loss of future earnings.

Real Estate Law

At Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC, we represent clients looking to sell their residential and commercial properties without the cost of hiring a real estate agent. We handle drafting of contracts and the recording of quick claim and warranty deed. Our practice of real estate law also includes representing landlords seeking to evict non-paying tenants.

Summer Camp Drug Arrests

Summer Camp drug arrests and forfeitures. You need competent legal representation in the Peoria and Chillicothe, IL area — attorneys who specialize in handling these music festival cases. If you or a loved one has been arrested and is potentially facing charges, please call Jeff Hall directly at 309.231.9980 for a free consultation Summer Camp...

Summer Camp Music Festival Drug Arrests

Arrested for drugs or other crimes at Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL?   **ALERT: HALL, RUSTOM & FRITZ LLC WILL DISCOUNT LEGAL SERVICES BY 25% IF YOU WERE ARRESTED ON YOUR WAY, AT, OR LEAVING SUMMER CAMP MUSIC FESTIVAL.  To reach ATTORNEY JEFF HALL directly, call (309) 231-9980 or email him AT to inquire and/or...

Traffic Tickets & Violations

Most people who are ticketed for speeding and other moving violations feel that their only option is to pay the ticket. They believe that by taking care of the fine, the matter is resolved. At Hall, Rustom & Fritz LLC, we encourage residents of Peoria and those throughout the state of Illinois to contact us...

Worker’s Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, you need legal representation to pursue the best outcome. The process of workers' compensation claims is complex. Do not face insurance providers on your own.