Jeffrey R. Hall


Jeffrey R. Hall

Jeffrey R. Hall has practiced law since 2004, concentrating in the area of Criminal Law, DUI/DWI and Traffic Law. 

He began working as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Tazewell County, IL.  Prior to that service, Mr. Hall worked as an intern/clerk at the venerable law firm of Miller, Hall & Triggs, LLC where he handled matters in Real Estate and Business.  As an Assistant State’s Attorney, Mr. Hall prosecuted in the traffic and misdemeanor divisions, as well as the Felony Traffic Division.

Mr. Hall gained experience as an aggressive trial attorney winning most of his trials he took before a judge or a jury.  With that experience, he started the law firm Hall, Owens & Wickenhauser, LLC in 2008. 

After restructuring, he and fellow law school classmates Fadi B. Rustom and Michael S. Fritz, formed Hall, Rustom & Fritz, LLC where they vigorously represent clients’ interests in numerous areas of law.

Currently concentrating in Summer Camp drug arrests, DUI, Business & Corporate Interests, Estate Planning and Administration, Divorce, Support & Child Custody, Criminal, Traffic, Criminal Record Expungements and Driver’s License Reinstatements after Revocation.

Quote from Jeffrey R. Hall: P8035803-22

“I am proud to assist people when they fall on hard times.  An arrest can be a very traumatic experience and when I receive the call from the potential client, I instinctively plan the best way to help solve their problem. 

I spend most of my day inside the courtroom actively assisting clients while guiding them through their tough time. 

A good lawyer is someone who easily communicates with clients, demonstrates knowledge in their area of expertise, and exudes confidence in their actions and strategies. 

When clients meet with me at the beginning of their case, they are scared and unsure about what will happen. It is my job to alleviate that concern and help the person put their life back together.  I take great pride in that.”

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